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Eha Mängel

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I have graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical Institute, now named Tallinn University, as a teacher of  English and German. I have taught English for about 30 years, mainly at universities and institutes of applied sciences. Over the years, I have also taught English for special purposes for different specialities such as English for law, international relations, sociology etc. It has always been quite a challenge but also extremely interesting and educating. I have always tried to prevent my classes from being boring and involve different skills. I have also included different kinds of quizzes to liven up the classes and motivate students. Pairwork and groupwork have both a relaxing effect and enable excellent speaking practice. As a huge admirer of the English language, I like both teaching and learning new things myself about the language, since like any language, English too is in constant development and it is exciting to follow how once the strictest grammar rules change, or how new words appear in the language, let alone the slang. I have worked with Multilingua since May, 2019.