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Olga Simonovitš

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I graduated from the University of Tallinn in the specialty of Russian as a foreign language. I have participated in various continuing education courses, including refresher courses in Moscow: In Moscow State University and the Pushkin Russian Language Institute.

I have extensive experience in teaching Russian. I have been teaching Russian for school students (grades 4-12), police officers (Academy of Security Sciences), employees of construction, financial and judicial authorities, as well as employees of the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Defense for several years.

Our days require the rapid acquisition of new technological equipment and its use in life and work. The same tendency applies to the study of a foreign language. As a teacher, I want to show students the “device” of the Russian language as a whole. My task is to show the main and secondary details of this “device.” Such a non-traditional approach will help students quickly and, most importantly, correctly use this new “device” called the Russian language right from the first lesson. Self-confidence and the joy of mutual creativity arise when complicated things quickly become easy and understandable. The natural expression of the creative atmosphere is a sense of humor and a friendly and open atmosphere.