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Jaanika Sarv

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By education, I am a German philologist at the University of Tartu and a Master of Education in the Hagen Distance Education program of the University-Bochum University, i.e., I am a master in the German language and in the teaching of it. So far, I have taught the language to all language levels A1 – C1.2, including professional languages. I have taught in-depth specialty language in advertising, entrepreneurship, and economics to the students of EBS, and language related to the media and press communications to the students of Tallinn University. Teaching the language of tourism and the environment is also a cool experience. During my long-term work experience I have worked with different target and age groups: pupils at Viimsi School, young adults at EBS and Tallinn University, adults at the Tallinn German Cultural Institute/Goethe Institute. To stay on top of my genre, I have improved my knowledge and skills through extensive training in German-speaking countries as well as courses offered in Estonia. A highlight of my career would be the presentation on the nuances of professional language teaching at the International Conference of German Teachers in Bozen, Italy in 2013.

I have been working at Multilingua Language Center since 2018.

I think both learning a language and teaching it is a form of entertainment that offers the sensation of self-realization. I am happy to give my enthusiastic contribution to this.