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Mare Lilleorg

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In 1997 I graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical University with a specialty in Estonian language and literature in Russian schools. Since 1997, I have worked as a teacher in a general education school and in adult courses. I have been working in Multilingua since 2016, teaching Estonian in a group setting. Through my long teaching path, I have completed various methodological training courses.

Teaching Estonian is my job and at the same time, also my hobby. Estonian is my mother tongue, a secret code that I want to teach to and share with my students. The students’ deep interest in the Estonian language makes teaching and lessons more interesting and exciting. It is interesting and developing to work with people who are interested in the Estonian language and culture.

In my classes, I create a humorous and calm learning environment and try to spice up my classes by offering moments of Estonian cultural heritage that students always like. The choice of topics is based on the needs and interests of the learners, and I use versatile study materials that I have produced myself. The most important thing in language learning is the desire to learn Estonian and the courage to speak Estonian! If you speak Estonian, Estonia will open its wonderful doors for you!