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Hannela Tamagno

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I studied French at the French Lyceum in Tallinn, in the specialty of the French Language and Literature at the University of Tartu, and teaching French as a Foreign Language at the University of Nice in France.

I lived in France for 15 years, and during this period of life I absorbed into myself genuine French language and spirit in my classes, I convey the love of France also to the learners. I pay particular attention to phonetics so that the words that seem to be difficult at first glance would be pronounced clearly. I know that language skills, which are grammatically correct, but with a wrong pronunciation, will not lead to mastering language. Quite the opposite.

I teach French to small children, primary school students, young people, and adults – both in individual and group learning and Multi-Skype.
I invite you to discover the beauty and charm of the French language together with me. This language is the only language apart from English that will help you to cope on every continent of the world.