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Ingrid Gilts-Nittim

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As a child, I wanted to learn all the languages ​​of the world. Unfortunately, it turned out to be impossible, and I had to make a choice, so I picked my greatest passion and interest, and graduated from Tallinn University as a teacher of Swedish language and literature. I have been teaching more than ten years, of which three years have been at Multilingua, and I also do translations.

In teaching, I proceed from the fact that the language is primarily a means of communication and I try to encourage learners to speak as much as possible. Naturally, in order for this courage to be borne, one must learn grammar and words. I use a variety of textbooks and materials, and we also listen to a CD to listen to the “real” Swedes talking. I try to make the learning process as joyful and versatile as possible – learning a foreign language is fun!