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Margarita Demtšenko

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In 1995, I graduated from Narva College of the University of Tartu as a Russian Language Teacher and in 2002, I completed my studies in Eurouniversity as an Estonian/English translator/interpreter. Currently, I’m attending the Master’s Studies at Tallinn University to be awarded a Master’s degree in English and Russian Language Teaching.

In 2003-2018 I was employed by the Northern District Prosecutor’s Office as an Estonian, Russian, English translator/interpreter; starting from 2015, I have been teaching Russian at Multilingua Language School and starting from 2016, I have been teaching English to kids at Helen Doron Lasnamäe School. My full-time job is a position of Russian Teacher at Tallinn Secondary School of Science.

Thanks to my translation experience and profound grammar knowledge , I can successfully compare the linguistic structure of Russian to that of Estonian and English and be able to draw attention to difficulties encountered by Estonian-language and English-language native speakers.  I teach Russian through Estonian and English. The key words of my teaching approach are Communicative, Playful, Humorous and Positive.  I am totally convinced that teaching implies equal giving and receiving: as a teacher, I give knowledge to my students and receive sincere enthusiasm, positive communication experience and “I did it” feelings. And these factors are what I value most of all in my job as teacher.