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Krista Suppi

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My relationship with Norway and the Norwegian language began in 1998 when I studied at a Norwegian high school one year. In 2006 I graduated from the University of Tartu in the specialty of Norwegian philology. I work as a Norwegian language guide in Tallinn, and I have been teaching the Norwegian language with an alternating load for 4 years. I teach both individual learners and enterprise groups and conduct open courses.

I go to Norway often because it is a beautiful country and is so close to Estonia.

It is essential for the teaching of the language that the learner can use what they learned immediately and actively. Therefore, we try to interact as much as possible in our classes and consolidate the vocabulary. For me, it is also important that, along with learning the language, we will also learn about the culture, customs, and history of this country.

The Norwegian language is a beautiful sing-song language and knowing it makes you a little unique because there are not many speakers of this language in the world.