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Geidi Kilp

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I have been dealing with the Japanese language for over 7 years; I graduated from the University of Tallinn with a Bachelor of Asia Studies in 2015 and obtained a Master’s Degree in Linguistics in 2017, and continued to study Estonian-Japanese language contacts in the doctoral program of linguistics. At the University I completed the C1 level Japanese language studies, plus two courses in classical Japanese and a Japanese-Estonian translation course. I am also learning Japanese sign language.

The focus of my interests is the teaching, learning and natural acquisition of the Japanese language. My Master’s and Doctoral theses are related to Estonian-English-Japanese multilingual communication.

I have represented Estonia at the reception of the Japanese Crown Prince (in Japanese) at the INDEX cultural exchange in Japan (2014). I speak Japanese fluently.

I teach Japanese to individual students at the basic level (A1, A2), intermediate level (B1, B2), and advanced (C1), both on a level-based curriculum and compile a learner’s needs-based curriculum. I also teach Japanese business language.